May 13 2020

Why Twp. Board is Considering $5 License Tax

Ross Twp. has approximately 47 miles of roadway to maintain throughout the Township. Taxes derived from motor vehicle license plates and gasoline purchases are the two key sources of money used to perform that maintenance. Additionally, there have been several major subdivisions that have been built over the last 25 years that have added significantly to the number of streets we need to maintain. Since those streets were developed, the Township has utilized those two tax bases to maintain those newer streets and many other streets in an effort to keep them in good repair. This methodology is far cheaper than waiting until the road needs major repairs.

With utilization of this method of financing repairs and maintenance, we have been able to save money over the years but now those streets are coming of the age where they need additional work. The Ross Township Road Maintenance Department has always tried to maintain Ross roads within its own budget. It has rarely used General Fund money even though the overall roadway network is generally in fair to good condition. The last Ross Township increase to the motor vehicle license tax granted through the Ohio legislature was in 1987…33 years ago!

We continue to do as much work as we can to maintain our roads and get the longest life possible out of them. The tax is $5 per vehicle per year, which is less than one dinner for a family.

The current pandemic is causing us to lose nearly 20% of our gasoline tax income, which equates to $63,000. The additional $5 license tax would help to off-set this loss by bringing in about $47,000. This is also a fair tax as it is imposed on the roadway users as opposed to a levied tax on property, sales or income.